I was once told that "maybe you put too much heart into your work."

That day, I resigned from "corporate America" and began a journey that is 10 years in the making working as a freelance development consultant helping small businesses and sometimes large corporations achieve their goals by creating a better life for business owners, their employees and ultimately the customers they serve. 

I often say, "I am lucky to have a passion and not a career."  With 19 years experience in the interior design and home furnishings industry, I have worked with and supported world-class organizations and brands to reach their full potential by; exceeding P&L goals, gaining market share, sales development, designing and implementing new ideas and revenue models, change management, merchandise assortment strategies and product development.

I grew up in North Carolina and began my career with, at the time, the largest privately owned furniture company in the world. 16 years ago that company moved me to San Francisco where I have worked directly with some of the top design leaders and "who's who"  of the Bay Area Design Community,  Trade Design Showrooms and Leading Wholesale and Retail Brands.  

My hope is that the insights I have gained throughout my 19 years of experience in the luxury home furnishings industry will be knowledge and expertise that benefits each of my clients.  However, the highest value I offer anyone is my passion. Passion for; what I do, for life and for helping good people do great things in business. 

jasonjackson (Jj)


"Making money is art, working is art, and good business is the best art."


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